About Us

All About PLC Belfast

PLC Belfast has been established and offering electronic repair services since 2001. Backed with 18 years in the ICT repair industry we have long history of expert knowledge in the field. Working very hard over the years to develop a one-to-one friendly service we have earned ourselves 5 stars in every review we have had written in google. Originally starting in the repair of PC (Long before the tablets invention!) we have since developed our skill and equipment on an annual basis in order to stay current and offer repairs of the latest technology on the market.

PLC Belfast prides itself in being one of the leading specialist in games console repairs and was one of the first companies in Northern Ireland to offer console repairs on a professional scale. Since then we have grown to adapt to all new known and not so known faults appearing on games console devices. All our work is carried out in house by our highly trained engineers, we believe if we have to outsource a service we don't have a right to offer it, this allows us full control on the quality of repair work that is carried out.

That's just a quick history and explanation of our company. If you thing we might be able to help you out feel free to get in touch or pop in store for a chat.